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The project was founded in late 2007. The first track was called Kiss of the Peace. But then, work stoped. Only in March 2008 The Anxious Scream born alive with composition Glamour Shit. Next month termoяder recorded another track - Sick Pervert. And started working on the first Ukrainian song, which was ended in May 31. Song was called Blind Leader (Slipyy Povodyr). The Price to Pay - next composition, was recorded in July 9, 2008. A song that was born in August 13 is known as Zero Zero Shit.

Continuing experiments the new compositions were born in May-June 2009. Significantly differ in style and content from previous ones, more "lighter" in sound. Now The Anxious Scream difficult to identify like metal project. There are no guitars in the new album. Monolithic philosophy, harmonic consonance and grotesque ground of the tracks puts you in atmosphere, remote from earthly concerns and everyday hassles. No vocals, you can interpret every song concerning your mood and desires of the soul. Grotesque - journey through your own thoughts, feelings and emotions, which will find an echo in the soul of every listener.

Black Request - blackster release of experimental music. Interesting, very gloom and melodic split of The Anxious Scream and Salictum. IV and II bonus tracks of The Anxious Scream and IV tracks of Salictum. This is the fourth release of Anxious Scream and the first of Salictum.

November 2010. Promised farewell album of The Anxious Scream is finaly done. Eternity - atmospheric black metal, consist of seven tracks: Entering the Gates, Cranes, Destructive Voices, Lullaby, Carver, Down the Earth, Swansong.

E-mail: satogore [at] gmail [dot] com
Icq: 441 744 281 - termoяder
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